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As an update to all our followers, donors, volunteers, and Veterans, here is a quick snapshot of this past calendar year, some data since inception on 11-11-11, and some information going into a new year of assisting Pennsylvania’s heroes and their families.
Last calendar year, the Foundation assisted over 150 Veterans in crisis situations with housing, utilities, medical assistance, employment issues, and just plain survival at a sum of over $106,000. As important was the group of non-profits across Pennsylvania that we assisted that attack PTS, suicide, homelessness, unemployment, and necessary goods for survival. They do this in a myriad of ways, from equine therapy to walk-in shelters to service dog training to new beds and houseware. Last calendar year, 9 organizations received grants in excess of $259,000. In total, over $366,600 in grants were distributed by the Foundation. Information on how to apply for individual grants and those programs we have supported with organizational grants are at the links below on the PVF website.……
Since our beginnings on Veterans Day 2011, the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation has granted over $600,000 to individual Veterans in crisis. In addition, we have granted over $530,000 to organizations that support Veterans in crisis situations. Again, both the Veterans and organizations we currently assist are all Pennsylvania residents/based. Meaning, your donations and your volunteer efforts help those right here in our own backyards. With respect to individual grants, the top three causes for grants has been medical issues, unemployment, and housing. It should not surprise you then that the majority of our organizational grants have gone to organizations that fight to eradicate those issues, with over $308,000 being spent on mental health and over $114,000 being spent on prevention and support of homeless Veterans and their families. A final remarkable fact, using any standard across the non-profit community, is that we maintain a 1.8% administrative rate, using all unpaid volunteers who receive not only no pay, but no compensation for travel or any other requirements to perform their duties. We are very proud of the fact that the hard-earned money that you donate gets to where you intended it, the Veteran in crisis.
The start of 2017 includes a normal flow of requests for help or organizational assistance, yet our donations and sponsors have drastically reduced. We are spending far more than we receive, and obviously, that can’t be sustained. Times are difficult for us all, and gaining and maintaining sponsors is always a challenge. Yet every day, our Veterans continue to struggle with mental health issues, unemployment, and homelessness. These men and women that have written a blank check to their Nation, to defend our freedom, need our continued support, and we hope you help us do that. Without resources, we will be unable to continue the mission we set out on just five and a half years ago.
If you are interested in being a sponsor of the Foundation, or organizing a fundraiser, or being a volunteer at an event, or a member of our Board of Directors, or are an organization that supports Veterans and needs assistance, or most important are a Veteran or know of a Veteran that needs our help, please contact us at We thank everyone for their support in the past and look forward to continuing this journey with you and hopefully new partners.
God Bless our Veterans, their families, those still serving, and all those who support them.